Kusasa Cleaning is an innovative and professional cleaning company across all aspects of the cleaning industry.




    The highest standards of service and innovation during the contract period.

    Thanks to the 20 years of knowledge and experience gained, Kusasa Cleaning fully understands that contract cleaning is about quality and service. Our team is dedicated to delivering both to the highest levels.

    Using the latest technology available in cleaning and management systems, we ensure this combination delivers the best possible results to our valued clients.

    When it comes to contract cleaning, communication between Kusasa Cleaning and the client, is key. This guarantees that the best service is delivered and maintained during the contract period.



    Experience and skills at a moment’s notice.

    A burst geyser, clean up before moving in or a flood thanks to heavy rains, no matter the problem, the specialised cleaning team is at your service at a moment’s notice, 24/7. An extremely experienced team with a manager to oversee every project, they alleviate the stress for clients.

    The team offers the following services:

    • pre/post deep cleaning
    • deep cleaning and sealing of all floor surfaces (porcelain, slate, vinyl etc.)
    • carpet and upholstery cleaning, using both the five-stage wet extraction or host dry method
    • window cleaning, using the pure water system (reverse osmosis) and fed pole system
    • deep cleaning of bathrooms and change rooms.



    Highly specialised and safety compliant.

    Window cleaning is a highly specialised form of cleaning, requiring safety compliance and skilled employees.

    Using the pure water (reverse osmosis) and fed pole system, Kusasa Cleaning ensures quality delivery to our clients, while remaining compliant on all safety measures at all times.



    A comprehensive range of hygiene services and products.

    Ablution blocks, washrooms and communal areas are part of our daily life and it is important to manage the hygiene of these high-risk areas.

    Kusasa Cleaning provides a comprehensive range of hygiene services and products for all client's requirements, depending on the size, design, purpose and budget.

    Our services include:

    • toilet paper and paper hand towel supply
    • soap dispensers and refills
    • paper dispensers and hand dryers
    • air freshners and refills
    • sanitary and disposable wares
    • sanitary bin servicing
    • waste removal.

These services and products are available for both outright purchase or on a rental service agreement depending on client's preference.



    A fully compliant pest control service provider

    Pests carry unwanted diseases and bacteria.

    Kusasa Cleaning's pest control service offers the initial removal of rats, mice, cockroaches, insects and flies, and puts cost-effective systems in place to prevent recurrence of these pests at your business premises.

    Each pest unit (bait box, fly catcher, bird device) has a RFID tag in it, which is monitored when serviced. Our system is LIVE and the client is able to receive reports online.